Brian and Melissa Shepard


In 2015, Brian and Melissa moved to the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco, CA with their three teenage sons and 14 month old foster son to plant a new church in the neighborhood. They sensed a calling to move from Oklahoma to California. 15 years earlier they lived in the Bay Area, so the city and urban life had been on their mind since the late 90's. 

God has been preparing Brian and Melissa to plant a church for the past 4 years. Although they love to innovate and pioneer new things, Brian and Melissa realize God is the One who is calling them to plant a new church. They are anointed leaders with a passion for worship, creating environments for growth, and equipping and mobilizing the local church to become biblical missionaries. With the gifts of leadership and administration, Brian and Melissa have experienced building, cultivating, and sending teams that have made an impact for Jesus Christ globally. They are excited about this new journey and are wholeheartedly stepping out in faith by moving to SF.

Most recently, Brian and Melissa continue to experience new opportunities and connect with people and organizations in their neighborhood that desire to mobilize their resources to impact their communities. For more information go to