Building Lives on Jesus 



OUR VISION: We are a family of servant missionaries sent to IMPACT SAN FRANCISCO AND THE WORLD WITH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS.

We are learning and living the ways of Jesus IN community.  This way of living is a challenge, especially when we fight against our own selfish, entitled nature and we don't pretend to have it all figured out, but we start by asking these four foundational questions:  Who is God?  What has He done?  Who am I?  How should I live as a result?  By operating out of our identity based upon the truth of these questions we are free to both display and declare the gospel in our everyday lives in the places where God has sent us.  

Our Vision is to see a diverse group of cultures and socio-economic levels learning from one another and living in gospel community with one another. Everyone has something to contribute and will be welcomed as we explore life together and what it means to build our lives on Jesus from a Biblical perspective. 



We will lead people to live gospel centered lives, help them to find and understand their gifts that God has given them, and equip them to be sent out to multiply more churches for the glory and God and the expansion of His kingdom. Bottom line: Making disciples who make disciples is how we will know that we are accomplishing the Mission of FoundationSF.


I am sure you have questions. We would be glad to answer them! Now is the time to join our new growing team and be a part of something greater than I believe any of us could ever imagine! I really do believe that the ministry God is giving